Toggles lock/unlock/auto-lock. When in autolock, a beep will sound, alerting you that the level is locked. Auto-lock is triggered when you stay for more the 3 seconds on the same position.


Current angle display type. Changes current type to decimals, percentage, roof pitch, radians.


Starts logging data from the inclinometer.


Stores the current angle value.


When the Reference Angle option is set, this will relocate the reference angle to the current angle.


Will stop to log data from the inclinometer.

To move the reference angle, tap for 2 seconds where the white circle is located, and then swipe your finger in a circular motion, clockwise or counterclockwise. If you want your reference angle to move where your current angle is,  just press the icon located at the right most position. You can also enable the sounds on settings, and when the current angle is near the reference angle, it will make a beep sound.




Double tap to toggle full screen. You can swipe your finger at any moment to view the bubble level.



This screens shows you the data as it is being logged. The application only shows you the last 100 logs for performance issues, but it can record as many as you wish. When sending the data, it is sent using our mail servers, you just need to set the "send to" email on settings. You will be receiving the email from This is due a limitation on the current iPhone OS. In a feature release, we will be using your device email application.


When entering calibration mode, you will be presented with this screen. Each button will pulse accordingly its calibration position. So for example, when you are in portrait mode, the "Portrait" button will pulse, press it, it will turn green. You will be then presented with the calibration instructions of that particular side, which also includes an image. You can swipe down to see more text. Once a side is calibrated, it will turn blue. Calibrate each side, after that, swipe your finger at the bottom to finish the calibration mode. You can finish this mode whenever you want, you don't need to calibrate all sides, just the ones you use most.



The settings view let you customize your TiltMeter. Here is a complete explanation of every option available:


  • More Information : Lets you open our homepage if you need information. We have built-in browser support, so you won't quit TiltMeter.
  • Background : You can change the background of the application to personalize your TiltMeter.
  • Calibration Mode : Enables calibration mode. Upon exiting settings, you will have the choice to calibrate the application.
  • Sound : Turn sound system off/on. You will still be hearing system sounds, calls, etc.
  • Log Interval Value : This is used when logging the accelerometer. Is the time between each logging.
  • Auto Lock Accuracy : When using the auto-lock feature, this determines the accuracy for the system to detect when to engage the lock. A higher value will lead to a less accurate result.
  • Reference Proximity Accuracy : Determines the accuracy the Reference Angle has. When the current angle is near the reference angle, the application beeps, and beeps faster when the reference angle is equal the current angle. So this value determines the proximity to the current angle.
  • Swipe Animation : Turns on/off the swipe animation when you are using TiltMeter face up.
  • Red Dot Animation : Turns on/off the animation of the red dot when you are in face up position.
  • Reference Angle : Enables the reference angle. It also enables a new button on the toolbar, which enables you to move the reference angle automatically to your current angle. You can use it to zero a position, and know when your current angle is near or on the reference angle.
  • Display Angle : Shows the angles in bubble level mode.
  • Reference Angle Proximity : When enabled, the application will start to beep when your current angle is equal to zero, depending on the Reference Angle Proximity Accuracy. Only works for the bubble level.
  • Send To : This is the email that will receive the logged data. You can change the email recipient when sending the email also.